Toyota Australia

15 days
45 Employees
Service Area:


The Toyota factory needed to remove and replace 8,000m² of asbestos roof in a functioning workplace in 15 days. This building housed the production line for the power train of Toyota’s Camry vehicles.

WorkSafe’s preferred method is for difficult roofs to be removed from below, accessing the sheets from underneath using safe access platforms (scaffolding or EWPS). However, in functioning manufacturing workplaces this can be extremely difficult. At Toyota, access to the roof from below was difficult in many places and impossible in others.


As time was critical, Korex needed to minimise any down time and to overcome the barriers of safely accessing the roof sheets.

Timing was optimised through the design of a working platform to sit on the surface of the roof which was ratified by Worksafe. This allowed the roof to be safely removed from above. This platform provided a safe place for our teams to work without the need for additional protection and it enabled removal and replacement speeds equal to those achieved with removal from below methods. The platform was able to be advanced across the roof as the sheets were removed enabling the cleaning teams to follow behind and remove residual dust from the roof truss elements. The platform also enabled the client’s hygienist good access to provide progressive clearances as both teams moved forward.


The project was completed safely and on time, with no lost time due to injuries. Alternative methods of roof removal by other contractors had proved to be not as safe or efficient.