Asbestos in Soil Experts

Korex have pioneered a patented remediation process to separate asbestos cement fragments out of soil profiles. Our mechanised process gives certainty of quality which the manual methods cannot.

Many soil types are suitable for this method of asbestos remediation. The moisture content, the incidence of A/C pieces in the profile and the presence of other contaminants are the determining factors for the suitability of the soil for full or partial remediation.

The benefits of remediating soil are obvious and many:

  • The output soil will not need to be sent to landfill
  • The cost saving will be at least 50% but generally even greater
  • Where soil profiles have other contaminants; removing the A/C will significantly reduce the disposal cost of the soil and will open up options for further remediation like the new thermal options once the asbestos is no longer present in the profile.

We are able to give advice based on the soil type, the impact of both the A/C and other items (often this is building rubble; tiles and glass in particular), the volume of material and even the position of the site and give you good clear information and a fixed price or rates budget.

Even on small sites this method can be deployed- we have a variety of machine sizes. However, where the soil profile or the site is unsuitable for full remediation, we can offer the most competitive disposal rates due the volumes we manage.

What is Contaminated Soil?

The presence of chemicals, building rubble, waste products, demolition debris or even natural rock in the soil profile. Traditionally this was caused by either services pipes or legacy demolition debris and building rubble being used as uncontrolled fill under more contemporary structures or industrial activity. With the changing profile of land from industrial to residential, legacy issues of this kind are continually being uncovered.

From both an environmental and human health perspective, the risk issues need to be well understood and appropriately managed.

Korex is the only company to hold an Environment Protection Authority (EPA) permit to process asbestos contaminated soils in-situ using our mechanical separation machines which enables us to deliver efficiencies in both time and cost to our clients. Other methods for removing asbestos from soil profiles do not deliver certainty of output quality.

Every site has its issues and unique problems - call (03) 9988 2242 to discuss your needs or visit our contact page.