Given the high risk nature of the works we undertake, Korex maintains the following statutory and regulatory compliances, insurance and member registrations:

  • Worksafe Victoria licence as a Class A Asbestos Removalist- Unrestricted
  • EPA Exemption under the Scheduled Premises Act to process contaminated soil on site using our method
  • Licenced Plumbers specialising in metal roof replacement on existing structures
  • AS 4801 Independently Audited OH&S Management System
  • $20million Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance compliance with the Victorian Workcover Authority
  • A range of other insurances including Works’ Insurance cover on all major projects
  • MSIC, ASIC, Rail Safety, OHS Cert 4, and First Aid 3 and 4 accreditation for our core team
  • Members of Master Builders, Australian Land and Groundwater Association, Demolition Contractors Association, National Association of Women in Construction


Do you need a license to remove asbestos in Victoria?

In Victoria you need a license to remove large amounts of asbestos. The exception to this is for very small amounts that would take one person, less than one hour to manage themselves.

Is removing asbestos dangerous?

Removing or disturbing asbestos fibres can provide risk to people if they inhale the fibres. Asbestos fibres can cause cancer and chronic respiratory disease. That is why it is best to engage professional, licensed asbestos removalists to safely remove the asbestos without risk to people or the environment.

Can building materials and soil containing asbestos be taken to the local tip or landfill?

Building materials or soil containing asbestos cannot be taken to the local tip or landfill. However, in Victoria there are EPA permitted landfills which do accept the material if it is managed according to the regulations and transported in EPA permitted vehicles.